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Nancy Courser,  Health Insurance Advisor

Nancy Courser and her team promise to make health insurance shopping simple.  We’ll do it your way.  We’ll explain everything in simpler terms so it's easy to understand. We’ll help you avoid some common pitfalls when you transition from group health insurance to an individual plan.


We promise to get you signed up at the right time, make sure you know the difference between specific products, and won’t let you make guesses about your coverage. We are here to help you understand your benefits, cost, and coverage are our number one goal.


We help with Medicare (age 65 or 1st eligible) supplemental plans including Part D prescription drug coverage and Marketplace plans (under age 65).  We also help with long-term care insurance.  We’ll even help you qualify for a subsidy if you’re eligible.


With almost two decades of experience, we’re  experts and can provide you options from multiple carriers taking into consideration your health history, doctor(s), and prescription drug needs.  We’ll do an annual review to ensure you are on the best possible plan.


We are your one-stop shopping resource.  Your health is everything in retirement.  Why not let us help you find the right path and help you chart your future course?


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