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Cornerstone Retirement Partners has operated as an independent financial advisory and Medicare firm for over 20 years. On our staff, we have professional financial advisors and Medicare specialists who cross train in a variety of retirement planning specialties. We assist working people with the process of retiring - helping them sign up for Medicare, Social Security, creating income plans from the wealth they have accumulated. We also coordinate with elder law attorneys to help retirees transition their wealth to their spouse or children while qualifying for Medicaid. We recognize that as investment fiduciaries, we are required to act in the best interest of our clients. That's why we take care of all aspects of retirement - not just your 401k.

Ron and Nolan are fiduciaries. This means that they are required to act in your best interest when recommending investments. They specialize in transitioning working people into retired people, managing assets throughout retirement and putting a bookend on the planning process by working with Medicaid annuities.

Our Medicare clients meet with Nancy or Kristin when they are turning 65 or first eligible for Medicare. On an annual basis, they review and make recommendations for Part D and supplemental insurance during Medicare open enrollment.

To couple with holistic retirement planning, we offer social security strategy and analysis sessions, tax planning, long-term care planning, Roth IRA conversion strategies, various work with individual insurances, and more. Click below to ready about all of our services.

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