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The Walk To End Alzheimer's Fundraiser 

Dessert E-Cookbook 

 Many of those who are our clients know before the pandemic, we would have a little treat for each appointment, Nancy's frostbite cookies! We've had numerous clients beg for us to bring back. Since the pandemic has prevented us from bringing the cookies back we've decided to make a video and teach you the recipe.

Our main reason for going over a favorite recipe is to promote our office e-Cook Book. This dessert recipe book is a collection of all of our staff's favorite treats. The best part is a lot of these recipes are healthy. To receive our e-cookbook please donate $2.00 to the Alzheimer's Association and email our team captain Elizabeth at and she'll email, print, or mail your e-cookbook. 

Please note if you wish to make a donation but don't want to do it online, we have a donation form we ask for you to fill out and mail to the Alzheimer's Association. If you wish to write checks, please be sure it is written to the Alzheimer's Association, and again we will ask you to fill out a donation form and mailed to the Association.  The donation form will be listed at the bottom of this page. 

For any additional questions please contact our Team Captian Elizabeth Fifield at

Our Dessert E-Cookbook 

Check out the preview below of the e-cookbook our office has put together for you! Please donate today to receive your copy of our heavenly recipes

Our Sweet Treats (1).png
Our Sweet Treats.png
Our Sweet Treats.png

Nancy Bakes Cookies

Donation Form

Please print out, and fill out your information and mail this form with your donation to the Alzheimer's Association. The address is listed at the bottom of this document. 

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