The Walk To End Alzheimer's Fundraiser 

Pet Contest 

 This competition begins June 1st and will end Jun.29th, the winner will be announced in June. 30th. The winner of the pet contest will have their photo displayed in our office.  We ask that you donate any dollar amount for your vote on whom you think should win, 100% of all donations go directly to the Alzheimer's Association.  In each box is a team member's Alzheimer's Association fundraising page online. This page is created and controlled by the Alzheimer's Association. 

Please note if you wish to make a donation but don't want to do it online, we have a donation form we ask for you to fill out and mail to the Alzheimer's Association. If you wish to write checks, please be sure it is written to the Alzheimer's Association, and again we will ask you to fill out a donation form and mailed to the Association.  The donation form will be listed at the bottom of this page. 

For any additional questions please contact our Team Captian Elizabeth Fifield at


Kati the Cat

This is Kati, the cat! Nancy's cat likes to cuddle and snuggle on everyone's lap. Kit will get into trouble with Lucy sometimes but would argue she's the more well-behaved one! Vote for Kit!

Lucy in the grass
Lucy -the one eye cat - NC
Lucy at work
Lucy and Kati playing

One Eye Lucy

This is Lucy. The one-eye kitty cat. Having one eye doesn't stop Lucy from having fun and getting into trouble. Lucy loves to snuggle. Ron likes his little buddy. Vote for me!

Jovi Sand
Jovi 10 Bday
Jovi jumping into pool
Party Jovi
Jovi model
Jovi Lake MI

Jovi the Party Animal 

This is Jovi. Jovi is 10 years old and loves adventures with my parents, Kristin. Jovi's favorite things are camping over the weekend, swimming along the lakeshore, rolling in the sand, and playing with anyone who will give attention to him. Jovi lives in the city but would like to be a country dog. Jovi is kind and encouraging to others!  Vote for Jovi!

Sassy at the beach
Sassy hiding at work
Sassy at work
Sassy in the flowers
Sassy in car
Sassy puppy dog eyes

Sassy the Pit

This is Sassy. She's a 6-year-old pitbull terrier mix. Elizabeth adopted Sassy from the West Michigan Humane Society 4 years ago.  Sassy loves play, cuddle, and travel with my mom wherever she goes.  You might have seen Sassy working hard greeting the guest at Cornerstone. Sassy loves to run and play tug of war. She's know tricks like sit, stay, paw, and  laydown. Sassy loves being the center of attention and when she's not that's when I can get a little sassy. Vote for Sassy!

Lyla 2.jpg

Lyla the Explorer

Nolan and his family have had Lyla since she was a six-week-old puppy. Lyla is a wheaten terrier/Norwegian Elkhound mix but definitely takes after wheaten terriers. She likes exploring the North Country Trail and going on walks around the neighborhood. She is still getting used to Nolan's new son, Elias! We think they'll be best buds once he starts throwing food on the floor for her to eat.

Mac Modeling
Mac in the Snow
Sleepy Mac
Mac Cheesing

Mackinac the Sled Dog!

Mackinac (Mac) is Lindsey's 115 pound English Labrador Retriever. Mac is almost 4 years old. He goes on a 3-mile run every day to get out some energy. Mackinac loves to swim and always has a ball in his mouth. He knows all the sled dog terms and responds to them! Vote for Mackinac! 

Donation Form

Please print out, and fill out your information and mail this form with your donation to the Alzheimer's Association. The address is listed at the bottom of this document.